Tolerance Festival

A  mi városunkban: Soha!NOT IN OUR TOWN              

Cultural programs on the theme of Tolerance. 15-16th November 2013. Szombathely.

The American movement “Not in Our Town” is becoming more and more relevant in Hungary.  A negative discrimination, which has not been unknown in our recent history, is making the lives of Hungary’s minorities more difficult once again. It seems as if democracy applies only to the perfect citizen. We find it important to organize cultural and public events, which address the above- mentioned issues and initiate a dialogue within the walls that exist inside society — programs that help ease the tensions that derive from discrimination and invite the participants of social diversity to hold each other’s hands.

Planned events:

Venue:: Theatre (Weöres Sándor Theatre):
- Romano Teatro – performance on the Roma Holocaust
- Balthasar Theatre group, – people with disabilities on acceptance.
- Vidovszky György dir.  Theatre group : Anna Frank – performance

Arts, exhibitions (Szombathelyi Képtár/Art Gallery):
- Exhibition of young Roma artists.
- Centropa exhibition: “Jewish Past”
Women in the Holocaust

- Jónás Tamás, Csanya Zsolt, Lakatos Klára, Kalla Éva – contemporary Roma writers and poets
- Jónás Judit and Mata András: Roman poems set  to music.

Music: (W. S. Theatre, Bánya Kávézó/Café)
- Roma Jazz evening: Egri János Group, Finucci Trió Jazz.
- Roma Authentic and World Music: Khamoro, Szilvási Gypsi Folk Band, Karaván, Etno Rom.
- Authentic Jewish music
- Performance of the Community living in Rum Palace.

Public Life (W. S. Theatre):
- Living together: Kalla Éva, Choli Daróczi József, Nagy Gusztáv, Setét Jenő, Horváth Aladár etc.
- Discussion with the American guests on tolerance.

Our partners/sponsors:
Szombathely Roma Municipality
University of West Hungary – Savaria Campus
Weöres Sándor Theatre
Szombathely- Art Gallery
Bánya Café
American Embassy
Centropa – Hungary

For more information, please contact: Marta Goldmann,