About us

Not in our Town Hungary (nalunknem.org) is an independent non-governmental initiative. Its purpose is to provide inspiration and tactics for everyone to stand up and fight against hatred. You can take a stand against hate in your community, school, and workplace. There is no place for intimidation, harassment and intolerance!

The project was modeled on the U.S. Not-In-Our-Town Program, created in Hungary following workshops in April 2013 in Miskolc, Nyíregyháza and Budapest. The workshops were organized by Ellen Hume, the Central European University, and led by Not In Our Town founder Patrice O’Neill, who is a documentary filmmaker. The workshops were sponsored by the Central European University (CEU)  and the U.S. Embassy , with translation provided by the Norwegian Embassy and Hungary travel support from the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources.

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Funding: We currently do not have any funders except what we ourselves are paying for expenses.