Real Pearl Foundation

The Real Pearl Foundation is a public benefit non-governmental civil organisation, whose main purpose is the basic art education, talent development, the development of socially disadvantaged and Roma pupils, family care, and the organisation of vocational training courses.

The project provides a complex answer to an unacceptable social problem which is extreme poverty. While it started as an art school for marginalized kids, they soon started to work with the parents, created an income generating project for the women in the village of Told, started a gardening project and a bio-briquette program in order secure heating in the winter.

Ritók L.Nóra, the founder and director created a blog on HVG, the Hungarian version of the Economist, entitled. A nyomor széle: (At the edge of poverty) which raises a lot of attention and also helps raise additional funds.

If you are interested in the project and/or would like to have more information about it, please have a look at: