Take action

1. Show a film and host a discussion!
• Meet at a school, or town center, and show a film or clip from Not In Our Town.
• The moderator should ask people to discuss among themselves whom they identify with in this film.
• Then moderator leads a group discussion, with everyone trying to analyze how racial, ethnic, class or other intolerance is creating tensions in your own town or school. What can be done differently to make a more peaceful and tolerant community?
• Rules: Everyone speaks just for a short time, and with respect for others
• Tips: it is important to have people in the room who think hatred is unacceptable, and who are willing to share their ideas about what people can do to get along better. Some important themes: pain is not experienced by only one group of Hungarians; extreme poverty itself is a form of pain and can create cultural dysfunctions.
• Some Not In Our Town worksheets are here to help guide you.

2. Contact us about your own tolerance project, which may be selected for this map. (Download form)

3. Challenge hate speech or actions when you see or hear them.
• Paint over harmful graffiti.
• Stand up for your neighbors. Join together to challenge bullying or intimidation by organized hate groups.
• Check out niot.org so see how other people are challenging hate.

4. Challenge Hungarian media stereotypes.
• Extreme poverty is not just a Roma problem.
• Crime is not in “the blood” and many Roma people would like to work at decent jobs.
• Ask the media to tell true stories about Roma who are professionals, who are patriotic, who are part of Hungarian normal society. We can connect them to such people if needed.
• Ask them to report on tolerance projects like nalunk.nem.
• Ask them to cover the discrimination and other problems that Roma face.
• Ask them to interview Roma individuals and show their individual names, treating them like other Hungarians, when any normal story is being done about non-Roma issues.

5. Get to know your Roma and other neighbors in a cooperative way.
• Hold a cultural festival or photo exhibit to celebrate Roma contributions to Hungary.
• Get to know the true facts about Hungarian Roma history and lives, and share them.

6. Do your own documentary projects to show tolerance activities in your community or school.