Civil College Foundation

The Civil College Foundation (CCF) is a nationwide adult education organization which organizes practical training for citizens willing to act, the members of self-organizing communities, and the participants of community work and community development vocational training programmes.

The Civil College Foundation was founded in 1994 as a result of the joint recognition of an increasing demand for training in community development. The Civil College Foundation is a social, public benefit organization. In 2003 CCF became an accredited adult education institution, under registration number 07-0218-02 of the National Public Education Evaluation and Examination Centre (OKÉV), its institution accreditation is number 0317.

The foundation has purchased a derelict and ruined former elementary school building in Kunszentmiklós-Kunbábony. Having raised 40,000,000 HUF, it renovated the building and converted it into a modern training centre offering residential training facility for 24 + 8 people since 1997.